Who We Are



A self-proclaimed horror connoisseur, Nicole has always had a thing for the dark and macabre. Much to her friends' parents dismay, she was always the one bringing a slasher movie to a sleepover that she stole from her older brother's room. With a thirst for travel and a passion for ghost hunting, Nicole just wants to believe that the truth is out there. When she is not trying to communicate with the dead or practicing magic under the full moon, you can find her hanging out with her pet snake Albus, her cat Clio and her PomChi Abra. A typical Friday night includes a bottle of red wine and the goriest horror movie she can find.



Do you hear that off key singing in the distance? That's just Noelle crawling out of conspiracy corner to sound the bonk o'meter. A self-contained cast of characters with the charisma of a cult leader and diet of an Oompa Loompa, this perpetual resident of haunted houses can frequently be found at 3am deep inside a Reddit hole researching the unusual. Her obsession with historical horrors, ufo sightings, and weird facts beyond human comprehension knows no bounds. Much like her love for her children, a pony named Robin and two cats named Killian and Jade; for whom she would murder an innocent without a second thought.

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